SUSE Linux 9.1 Personal

Now that RedHat is abandoning personal desktop users, it is good to have other distributions to choose from. One of these choices is SUSE Linux Personal. SUSE has made a live-evaluation version available as an ISO image. The image can be burned to a bootable CD using Nero 6. A limited-time demo version of Nero 6 Ultra Edition may be downloaded.

I tried this SUSE CD in different computers, including ones with Windows XP, Windows 98 and RedHat Linux 8.0. The combination that worked best was a Dell Dimension 4600 (Windows XP), a Viewsonic 7 monitor, a cable connection and an HP 960c printer. The tasks I wanted to use were

If these can be configured without undue difficulty, the distribution can be considred acceptable. I conclude that SUSE would be an acceptable choice, but there is no obvious reason to use it if you already have Windows XP. Nor would there be any urgency to replacing RedHat 8.0 if you use that.

If SUSE or any other distribution someday makes it easy to network a mixture of computers, then that would be a strong point in its favor.