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How To Update Your Computer's Time
Without going into details on why a computer's clock might lose time, I'd like to recommend a free (and small) program that you can use to set the correct time. I have happily used P. Lutus' program for Microsoft Windows (95 and 98) with Internet Explorer 4.0+ installed. These computers are not networked, and I click on the AboutTime icon in the system tray. When my fooling around with the system has made the icon disappear, I put a shortcut to AboutTime.exe on my desktop and run it from there.
   In order to download this utility, go to the AboutTime Home Page. The instructions do not require any specialized knowledge of computers.

How To Set Headers/Footers for Web Page Printouts
   This HOWTO pertains to headers and footers on the pages printed out from Internet Explorer. You see choices when you click File | Page Setup, but you may not know the meaning of such symbols as &u, &d, etc.
   First, remember that your footer settings won't even show up if you changed the Bottom Margin to 0.5 inches. So set the bottom margin to 0.75 inches, which is the default setting. Once you have the margin set, my suggestion would be to use these settings (which may already be the values on your computer):
Header     &w&bPage &p of &P
Footer     &u&b&d&t
You will then have the title of the web page, the pages are numbered, the URL of the site is shown, and the date and time are printed. That's all very easy to do but hard to remember if you or an accomplice have changed the original settings.

How to find your IRQ Settings
   If you suspect you have conflicts in your IRQ settings, you can find out the hardware that uses these settings as follows:
1. Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click System.
2. Click Device Manager.
3. Click Computer and then click Properties.
   This was taken directly from the file C:\WINDOWS\Hardware.txt on computers running Windows 98. The same steps can be used for Windows 95.