Fortran Diagnostics

Cleanscape's Fortran source code analysis tool is useful for finding bugs before compiling FORTRAN 77 and Fortran 90. Although intended for large-scale software development, this program is also useful as an aid for learning the Fortran language. The new Graphical User Interface is exceptionally easy to use. Time-limited evaluation software is available from Cleanscape Software.

There is one serious disadvantage to Cleanscape's Fortran Lint program if your display is less than 1024x768. The smaller display means that you will get a Fatal Error message: "Display dimensions are too small". The version on my computer was created on May 26, 2002, and it is hoped that Cleanscape will eliminate this inconvenience in the future.

Meanwhile, I have found that Lahey's online Fortran Source Check
page provides a good way to obtain compile-time diagnostics for Fortran programs that you are creating.

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